Eating Out and About

Pub Food
We recommend from past customer experiences

The Brown Horse at Winster you would need to drive to it, but is only a few miles away on the A5704.

The Wild Boar, just down the road from Hagg End, you can walk or drive to. It’s around 2 miles away and a short section on the main road.

The Watermill Inn at Ings, has a good reputation for both food and real ales. Their own brew, Collie Wobbles always puts a smile on Helen’s face and for Star Wars fans they’ve also got Dog’th Vader. It takes approximately 45 minutes to walk across the fields or a bit longer by road. The Watermill is a dog friendly pub.

The Sun Inn at Crook is getting a good reputation which is great news. You could walk to it, but be warned that it is all up hill on the way back.

Dining in Restaurants
There are plenty of restaurants in Windermere and Bowness to choose from, offering a good variety of choice. However, I would suggest checking Trip Advisor before booking as places do change, if the majority say it is good, then in all likelihood, it will be.

It really depends on what you like to eat, if you have a particular fondness for a specific cuisine then let us know and we can get the names of those restaurants for you. Just about every type is represented between Windermere and Bowness.

Dining Slightly Further Away
If you can get in, and depending on your budget, L’Eclume in Cartmel is divine. Some guests recently went for lunch and found it was reasonably priced. However, evening meals are more expensive. They came back raving, though that could be the alcohol too as they took taxis there and back so they could all enjoy themselves. Cartmel is about a 40 minute drive from Hagg End.

Eating at Hotels
Good hotels with views of the Lake Windermere include Miller Howe, Old England, Langdale Chase and Low Wood. It really depends on what time you want to eat. Lunch in most cases is often more reasonably priced than evening meals.

Most hotels do afternoon teas now. Rothay Manor in Ambleside who do a good afternoon tea, buffet style, so I have been told.  Once more, it really depends on what you want.

Alternatively You Could Eat In…

We know of two good alternatives to eating out, that will deliver your meals to Hagg End.

There’s the CookFood service which will deliver high quality ready made frozen meals to you. Please note, there is a minimum order of £35 for this service and they require 2 days notice. The meals arrive frozen and ready for the oven. There’s a lot more information on their website. These meals are also available in Booths.

Thai Kitchen
The Thai Kitchen is a local business providing a complete outside catering service with authentic Thai food. The owner, Amporn Whitehead will cook your meal at Hagg End. You will not have to lift a finger as Amporn will provide a full service (you will not even have to do the washing up!). For further information do visit the Thai Kitchen website.


Get in touch with us if you need any more advice or simply want to pick our brains.

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